Frequently Asked Questions

How Long will your Cakes Keep For?

All our cakes are baked fresh to order they and are best consumed on the day of purchase. If you do have to keep them longer we recommend the following:

Cupcakes are best eaten within 24 hours of purchase, but buttercream frosting can be stored in an airtight container and are best not refrigerated. Cupcakes with a cream cheese frosting or fresh fruit topping should be refrigerated, but should be left to sit out at room temperature for at least 30 minutes for the best taste. 

Cakes with a cream cheese frosting or fresh fruit topping should be refrigerated and taken out at least an hour before serving for the best taste. Keep in mind that home refrigerators condensate and may leave condensation on some cakes. Cakes with fudge icing can be left at room temperature. 

Allergen Information
Unfortunately, no Butterscotch product is 100% guaranteed allergen safe. Our kitchen works with nuts, eggs, dairy and wheat flour. Some of our cakes can be made gluten free, egg free and vegan, and though not all of our cakes contain nuts they are produced in a kitchen containing nuts. If you have any dietary or allergy concerns it is best to email us at before placing your order. 

Are Sprinkles vegan? Gluten free?

Some sprinkles are vegan, some have shellac and are vegetarian only.  Some sprinkles are gluten-free, some aren't.  Best to email us at for any questions. 

What do my cakes arrive in? 

For boxes of 6 cupcakes, your cupcakes will arrive in sturdy white cardboard boxes  to ensure they arrive safely with ribbon and card. 

For boxes of 12 cupcakes or more as well as cake, your treats will arrive in bespoke Kraft printed logo boxes, along with ribbon and card. 

Where's the pie? And the Duffins?

We plan to add pies and cobblers to the menu when our White City Bakery opens later this year. Keep an eye out, as we will also experiment with pies at our various restaurants, so you might get the first sneak peek! We currently do not have plans to sell Duffins yet as Bea will take some convincing--if you want them, please start a petition and email and we'll let her know! But in the meantime our Duffin Sundaes are still available at Stax and Boondocks. 

I want to order an obscene amount of cupcakes for my wedding/office/party. Do you offer bulk discounts?

For any large orders please email us as we do offer special arrangements for bulk orders. 

Where's the Bridal section?

It's on the way!  Bea is still designing the collection to debut with the opening of the White City Bakery later this year, but if you are interested now please do email us at