Summer Pop-up Stall at Old Street Coming Soon

A personalised chocolate cake with edible flowers from Butterscotch Bakery


Summer is here!  Really enjoying the lovely cake orders we are getting in and it's so nice to be a part of someone's special day.  The biggest news we have for June is we will be hosting a Summer Pop-up Stall at Old Street Station from June 19th-July 16th!!!  It's been interesting drafting the menu because I want to have some ridiculously indulgent goodies (Gluten-Free Sea Salt Butterscotch Brownies) but also some light goodies as well, like passionfruit pavlovas with cold fresh cream added at the last minute! I also will get to show off my gluten-free vegan carrot cupcakes, which will definitely surprise some in just how good they are!  Definitely spread the word #cakerealness!!