Celebrate Halloween with Creepy Cakes and Treats

In the words of Vincent Price - 'For no mere mortal can resist, the evil of the 'Thriller'... and Butterscotch is no exception so of course, we're giving you limited edition Halloween Cupcakes to get you in the spooky mood! 

From cobwebs to bloody glass, to the Cookie Monster, we've got some creepy looking cakes that taste every bit as good as they look! Cookie Monster's sponge is Vanilla Pandan and other sponge flavours are red velvet, carrot cake and chocolate fudge. You can't go wrong! 

An Assortment of Creepy Halloween cupcakes from Butterscotch Bakery

Cookie Monster and Bloody Broken Glass cupcakes are available as stand-alone products while the Halloween Assortment consists of various Halloween designs and critters. 

You'd be in the hall of fame if you were giving these out to trick or treaters - although we'd understand if you'd rather eat these yourselves and give the kids your leftover cereal bars! 

Happy Halloween!

Butterscotch team