Butterscotch Bakery Goldilocks Porridge Bar

Butterscotch Bakery Goldilocks Porridge Bar


I am so excited about the opening of Butterscotch Bakery.  It's been 10 years since I started up my first bakery, and doing it again 10 years later, the London Food scene has changed tremendously.  People are more educated about food and sustainability in London than they were before---when I started out, food composting was novel, now it's the norm.  The coffee scene was nascent 10 years ago, and Square Mile Coffee was just on the scene, tricycling their coffee around town and babysitting my puppy Bailey at the roastery--now they're a globally recognised and well respected powerhouse. 10 years ago, when I put out a yuzu pistachio meringue (fresh off of my stint at Nobu), it was met with blank stares while Londoners went for the Victoria sponge and chocolate cupcakes.  Now, today it would definitely be chosen as "something to try."  10 years ago GBBO DIDN'T EXIST.   Now everyone is accepting baking as a craft that needs to be appreciated and celebrated in ways I never imagined. 

This new landscape really frees me to experiment with what I think is good food, and to see if harmonises with what you as a customer want.  Originally, the Butterscotch Brekkie menu was going to be full of waffles and pancakes and french toast--a riff on the Boondocks Brunch Menu and instant crowd pleasers and thoroughly indulgent.  Then I asked dozens of friends what they actually ate for breakfast on a daily basis, and overwhelmingly, the choice was: Porridge.  

Having worked for so long in the indulgent end of the food world (first cakes and desserts, then leading to burgers and fried chicken and nostalgic American classics), this was a new realm for me professionally, although personally I have attempted to eat healthy to help me survive my dance classes! 

My answer, to satisfy my philosophy of indulgence along with healthy eating, I've come up with the Goldilocks Porridge Bar.  Pick your base of: 

  • Organic Shipton Mill Pinhead Oats with Milk 
  • Activated 5 grain (millet, amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa and flaxseed) porridge with housemade organic coconut milk
  • Greek Yoghurt or Chia Seed Pudding when available
  • Acai Smoothie Bowl

Then just go to town at the toppings bar---have anything from superfoods like maca powder, lucuma powder, raw date syrup and blueberries and chia seeds, or go indulgent with Fig Bourbon Compote and Fudge Sauce.  We have over 60 toppings, so really the sky's the limit!

We of course also have the indulgent in the form of double stuffed croissants which will rotate on a regular basis, and epic cinnamon buns on Fridays. 

Hope to see you there! :)